We are a commited and motivated group, that together with exploring our inner world, we want to make a contribution to the Society.
This is how the idea of the Festival of Balance & Wellbeing came up. To share something from our heart, to bring people that are willing to share their knowledge, their experience, with the honest intention of helping others on get a little bit closer on what they really are. Putting in other words, realize the real Karma Yoga, which is share from your heart, without expecting nothing in return.

Speaker 1

Intisar Bens

Originally from Morocco, Inti is a traveling yoga student & teacher. After many years in corporate marketing, she decided to turn to life yoga practice. In her journey, she came across different healing traditions and life-changing techniques.

Since then, she got certified at Hatha & ashtanga yoga, and advanced pranic healing & psychotherapy.

Inti is also a full-t... [ see more ]

Speaker 1

Luis González Medina

Luis is from Chile, Electronic Engineer, at present working remotely as a Software Engineer. He started his inner journey when he was a teenager, feeling very motivated by sacred sciences and spiritual books, at the same time started on kollellaullin (a martial art that came from the ancient civilization of Mapuches in Chile). A little shy he only started in spiritual groups when he was in h... [ see more ]

Speaker 1

Sandra Waeckel

Sandra’s journey started in january when she decided to buy her one way ticket to Australia to discover all what the world has to offer. by loosing her direction and trusting the universe she found herself. Through her journey, she discovered yoga, meditation but also pranic healing and psychotherapy.

What you seek is also seeking you, and the universe opens the first doors to reach ... [ see more ]