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Raw Chef Yin

Raw Chef Yin is Malaysia’s raw vegan celebrity chef with two books, a cooking show and countless demos and workshops under her belt. She trained at the world’s leading raw & plant-based culinary academy and now dedicates her time to helping others make beautiful, delicious raw vegan cuisine. Raw Chef Yin is also a Certified Raw Food Teacher by Karen Knowler International and has demonstrated an excellent understanding of what it takes to run life-changing raw food classes to a world-class, professional standard.

She is known for conducting fun, interactive food workshops, demonstrations and private consultation sessions across the globe including London, Brighton, France, Perth, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Penang.

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Raw Chef Yin

Improve your gut health with delicious fermented food

by Raw Chef Yin      
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