Heal your spine

Speaker 1

by Inti Bens

We all know how important it is to stand and sit in a straight position. But do we know why the spine should be straight? What if you knew that our common problem of ‘BACK PAINS’ is actually related to an energy disorder and a lake of alignment? Then, know this: beside the physical support, the spine is the channel through which the energy flows; means no alignment = no energy. The best way to heal your back is to learn again how to straighten your own tree of life (the spine).

What to expect :
- Deep exploration of the Spine anatomy.
- Complete serie of spine healing practice.

DURATION : 1 hour.
LEVEL: Beginner.
REQUIRE: open heart, Yoga mat and comfy clothes.

Day: 2 / 3:00pm - 4:00pm

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