Improve your gut health with delicious fermented food

Speaker 1

by Raw Chef Yin

Improve Your Gut Health With Delicious Fermented Food!

Master Yin will take you for an exploration of fermentation, its benefits for health and how to prepare your own fermented food at home. it is a Hands-on workshop on how to make one of Asia’s favourite fermented foods - radish kimchi (Kkakdugi)! Raw Chef Yin will conduct a live demonstration and then guide you along.

As a sampling session: Get a taste of homemade kkakdugi and fill your belly with natural and live probiotics which are excellent for your health!

Note: This is a vegan demo. Onion and garlic will be used at this session.

MAX CAPACITY: 10 people + 10 observers
DURATION: 90 minutes
LEVEL: Beginner.
REQUIRE: Bring along their own knives, chopping board and containers.

LAST MINUTE CHANGE: As Raw Chef Yin told us, we are now accepting another 10 participants, but just as observers: they will able to sit and watch, but they won't be participating actively. But they will get the recipe and also ask questions and can also taste a small sample.

Day: 2 / 10:00am - 11:30am

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