Mandala's art for adults

Speaker 1

by Salin Seggu

Drawing is an expression. Why do we draw? For some it is a passion for art. It can also be used to de-stress. The moment is just between you and your art. You can also call it Mindfulness in art. It is a means to focus on something that you enjoy doing and you are free of thoughts, worries and fear.
What are we going to do?
The body runs on energy vortexes. The aim of life is to be happy and stay positive all the time. The energies in our bodies need to be vibrant and spinning at a healthy speed and it needs to be balanced. We will start with a short meditation and then we will bring focus to our inner and draw chakra Mandalas and paint them.
We will have a short introduction on Mandalas or Mandal (in Sanskrit for circle and means wholeness). It is all about the center of your being. Following on, I will give a short talk about Chakras and the colour of chakras. With a choice of colours, you will draw and express your ‘colours’.
Come and relax, unwind and feel the freedom within!

DURATION: 1 hour.
LEVEL: Beginner.
REQUIRE: open heart and comfy clothes.

Day: 2 / 10:00am - 11:00am

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