Stillness Meditation

Speaker 1

by Luis González

Let’s close the festival with one of the best ways to experience balance and wellbeing, sitting in Silence.

In the heart of the words
there is silence.
And even deeper,
in the heart of the silence,
You can hear the sing of the life,
In Silence
_ V.S.A. José Marcelli _

Traditional meditation is to sit and stay in silence, but not just the silence of not saying anything, is the Silence of observing the flow of life without judging, is silence on your body, listening the breathing and the internal movements, silence in your emotions, observing your actual situation with acceptation and love for yourself, and silence while observing your thoughts and your conditions, maybe... producing silence outside you are gonna be able to experiment a glimpse of a moment in present, where the life shows at is real meaning.

Day: 2 / 7:00pm - 7:30pm

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