The path of the Warrior (Exclusively for men)

Speaker 1

by Luis González

Awake your inner ability of passing through difficulties and emerge victorious!

Myths, legends, tales, movies have always told us stories where a character, a boy(or girl), young, inexperienced is faced with a huge challenge. Does not believe in himself, but he craves, seeks , strives, suffers, knows people who help him, perhaps a Master, learns what he needs, prepares, faces something bigger than him and supported by his dreams and virtuosity manages to "defeat the enemy", reach the goal. Then he becomes a hero.
These stories show us as a symbol nothing more than what each human being is capable of doing.
What is it that limits us to not achieve our dreams? Where do we get the motivation to overcome those limits & fears?

DURATION: 1 hour.
LEVEL: Only men.
REQUIRE: open heart, comfy clothes.

Day: 2 / 1:45pm - 2:45pm

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