AwakeNing Divine Feminine Session _ Womb Dance

Speaker 1

by Sean Ching

Are You Liberated ?

"Women are liberated from the time they leave the womb" said Dr Virginia Apgar.

The womb is a symbol of the Great Mother = Cave, which is the sum total of all possibilities, potentials, fertility and abundance.

Why Womb Dance?
Dancing with our wombs is a spiritual ritual and mantra to allow us to surrender, unlearn, unleash and regenerate the internal potential physically, emotionally, and psychologically , it has been incorporate the ancient wisdom like Qigong, Shamanism and Yoga and integration body talk movement.

Which can help women to release tension, restore energy at their energy channel with 5 Senses Awakening, Chakras Activation, retune intuition and equilibrium.

A session of self realisation ♥.

Duration: 45minutes.
What I need : Comfy clothes
Number of participant: 20.

Day: 2 / 6:30pm - 7:00pm

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